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ACTIValoeTM Gel Juice
ACTIValoe™ Aloe Vera Gel Juice
“A Juice with Natural Nutrients that enhances your personal health ”

A 100% pure ACTIValoe™ juice meets or exceeds International Aloe Science Council (IASC), USA standards for aloe purity & content.
Nature has gifted Aloe Vera plant with a unique blend of more than 252 biologically active compounds such as minerals, amino acids, natural vitamins, enzymes & nutrients essential for body health.
These biological activities are enhanced by retention of higher values of polysaccharides.
Aloecorp's patented product ACTIValoe™ Aloe Vera Gel Juice guarantees retention of 10% total polysaccharide by weight.
No other Aloe Vera processors in the World can guarantee above claim.
A Natural & fresh Aloe Vera Gel Juice of Aloe Barbadensis Miller Plant grown on organically certified fields & organically processed.
Contains No GMO & is Pesticide Free. No Water, No Sugar added & Non-toxic.
ACTIValoe™ Juice provides noticeable physiological benefits above and beyond its nutritional functions. It increases both water & fat-soluble vitamin bio-viability by more than two folds.
ACTIValoe™ Juice detoxifies body of drugs & carcinogens, reduces hepatic Cholesterol & Cellular Oxidative stress thereby slows the aging process & lower the risk of cancer.
It is helpful with the following conditions.
Boost Immune System - Crohn's Diseases, Chronic Fatigue, Asthma.
Gastrointestinal Uses - Helpful in Ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Hiatus Hernia, Acidity, colitis.
Heart and Cardiovascular Health - Helps to lower LDL Cholesterol & Triglicerides Level.
Anti-Diabetic - Controls Blood Glucose Level.
Arthritis - Anti Inflammatory. Helps in reducing joint & Muscle pains.
Skin Conditions - Moisturizer, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Burns, Cuts etc.
Miscellaneous - Helpful in Kidney health, Weight Management, Cancer & AIDS Research.