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The ALOECORP Difference

When you choose Aloecorp, we'll help you keep your promise to your customers, with the most pure, active and efficacious Aloe in the world. Only Aloecorp can claim all this:

  • Dependable:Largest grower and processor of Aloe vera raw materials

  • A quantum leap in processing technology: Our Qmatrix™ Proprietary Processing

  • Biologically Active: Guaranteed minimum 10% polysaccharide content by dry weight

  • 100% Organic: no harmful Pesticides, certified by the USDA & EU

  • Pure: Lab-tested free of additives, extenders and foreign materials

  • Premium quality: in-process validation at every stage of production

  • Research-driven: Leaders in Aloe research with one of the World's largest R&D networks

  • Proven products: Backed by clinical research to assure efficacy
Only Aloecorp Captures What's Inside