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Natunola Health, a Canadian company based in Ottawa, Ontario is becoming a leading supplier of botanical ingredients to the cosmetic and health care industries.
Thanks to its patented technologies, in particular its Vegetable Gel Technology, Natunola is able to offer health conscious consumers a unique natural alternative to petroleum based ingredients. Natunola offers its customers vegetable gels based on canola, sunflower, castor and rice bran oils, as well as customized ingredients.
Growing on its patented technologies, Natunola has recently begun producing flaxseed kernel, hull, lignans and fibers for use in various nutraceutical applications. Flaxseed is one of the richest sources of Omega-3 fatty acid and plant lignans, which may play an important biological function in the human body with key benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease, as well as helping to protect against certain types of cancer.
Natunola Gel Technology - Demand from today's label smart consumers show they prefer a wide range of more natural and functional plant-derived products.Natunola offers from its unique patented Technologies, a full line of functional, high thermo-stability ingredients for the cosmetics, nutraceutical and personal care industries.
Product Line :
Product Name
Product Details
Vegelatum Equiline Opaque Canola Oil Gel.
Vegelatum Clear Clear Canola Oil Gel.
Vegelatum Clear RM Little to No Odour, Clear Canola Oil Gel.
Natunola® Soyalatum CRM
Soy Oil Gel, Little to no odour, Cost effective alternative to petrolatum
Natunola® Sunflower 1102
Sunflower Seed Oil Gel, Little to no odour.
Natunola® Castor 1023
Castor Oil Gel, Exceptional keeping qualities, Pigment wetting properties.
Natunola® Canola Oil
Canola Oil, High in oleic acid ensuring a longer shelf life for this already stable oil, Prevents evaporation of moisture from the skin. Protects the skin from irritation, Can be used as a solvent and also works as an excellent emollient.
Aloe Vera Oil Gel C1XW Made from the whole leaf of the aloe plant.
Aloe Vera Oil Gel C1X Made from the inner filet of the Aloe Barbadensis Miller Plant.
Natunola® Flax Extract 130 Concentrates flax gum extract, skin conditioner, Excellent emollient, Viscosity controlling agent.
Natunola® Flax Extract 160
Concentrated flax gum extract, lower viscosity and concentration than Natunola® Flax Extract 130, Skin conditioner, Excellent emollient.
Mustard Betaglucan R25
Concentrated mustard seed gum at approx. 2% concentration.
Mustard Seed Gum R12
Similar to Mustard Betaglucan R25 with a concentration of approx. 1%
Gel Benefits and Uses / Applications:  
Gel Benefits
Uses & Applications
Botanical emollients Lotions, creams, cleaners.
Skin conditioners Lip Balms, lipstick, lip glosses.
Film Former Eyeliners, eye shadows, mascaras.
Viscosity controlling agents
Pressed powders.
Exceptional thermostability
Bar soaps, body washes, scrubs.
Gel like structure
Shampoos, pomades, hair waxes.
Less greasy than petrolatum
Tanning and sunscreen lotions.
  Other skin, hair care & sunscreen formulations.