ACTIValoe™ - The Gold Standard in Aloe

The gold standard in Aloe Vera, ACTIValoe™ products are guaranteed to deliver biological activity meaning a stabilized and standardized Aloe.

Aloecorp combines ground breaking research and state-of-the-art manufacturing to preserve, and even enhance, Aloe Vera's natural benefits in the form of ACTIValoe™, a patented technology that guarantees 10% total Aloe polysaccharides by weight.

Patented MAP processing bio-activity boost. Product specifications include > 10% polysaccharide by dry weight. Price competitive.


“The ACTIValoe™ Difference”

Like a jeweler hones and polishes a diamond to increase brilliance and clarity, Aloecorp science increases the most bioactive portion of the aloe plant for THREE TIMES the efficacy.

ACTIValoe™ -An absolutely pure aloe & its benefits and performance are directly reflected in your formulations. Also when consumed as aloe juice, it boosts your bioactivity meaning strong body immunity.

ACTIValoe is a standardized and stabilized aloe product - A guarantee no other aloe supplier in the world can offer.