Salient Features

Aloe Naturals RTE Foods are 100% Pure Vegetarian preparations both Regular & Jain meals. It has a wide range of Authentic Ethnic Rajasthani Curries with a touch of Royalty, Biryanis, Soups, Cereals, Chapattis, Paranthas, Deserts like Halvas, Kheer, Gulab Jamun, etc.

Aloe Naturals carries an HACCP accreditation which certifies that our food products are manufactured & packed under hygienic conditions following the food safety norms.

Aloe Naturals holds mandatory FSSAI License (Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006) issued by Chief Medical & Health Officer, Jodhpur, Raj.

ALOE NATURALS has signed a MOU with Defense food Research Laboratory (DFRL) Mysore, a unit of Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India, for technology transfer for RTE Foods.

The manufacturing facilities are fully automatic controlled by computer programming.

The recipes of our curries, halvas are of traditional chefs of Indian Royal families. All foods are prepared with sorted fresh vegetables & pure spices for natural aroma & taste. Care is taken to make them mildly spiced and almost cholesterol free.

Aloe Naturals procures all its raw materials which would be safe and nutritious as per food safety standards and are prepared with standard operating procedures (SOP).

All the ingredients used are sourced from standard supplier. They are fresh & preferably organic source

Aloe Naturals follows a regular & strict food safety policy that ensure all its employees specially the Cooks & their helpers go through a thorough health check up maintaining hygienic standards particularly the worker must not have any fresh injury marks,both nails & hair should be trimmed. Care is taken that no worker has any kind of communicable disease or infection.

All RTE food pouches are strictly inspected for any microbial contamination. Every packet carries a nutrition chart of the product.