Aloe Vera Gel Juice

“Nature has gifted Aloe Vera plant with a unique blend of more than 252 biologically active compounds such as minerals, amino acids, natural vitamins, enzymes & nutrients that acts as a finely tuned orchestra to make strong body immune system and much needed energy”.

ACTIValoe, a patented MAP process increases the most bioactive polysaccharides by 300% meaning 3 times the efficacy benefits. It is guaranteed to deliver highest Biological activity meaning greater health benefits of Aloe to people around the globe.

ALOECORP's unique Proprietary processes TTS (Time, Temperature and Sanitation) and LTST (Low Temperature Short Time). Pasteurization Process makes ACTIValoe deliver genuine health benefits of Aloevera.

ALOECORP's ACTIValoe technology goes through a long process to make its Aloe Juice Aloin free meaning no Sourness, no bitterness. ACTIValoe has a refreshing and soothing taste like Coconut water and is colorless. Its 100% pure Aloevera Gel Juice, no water, no sugar added and is non-toxic. It has Higher Nutrient Content and rich in anti-oxidants. No GMOs (No Generic Microbial Organisms) & safe for internal consumption.

​ACTIValoe Juice Brochure (English) ACTIValoe Juice Brochure (Hindi)

Dozing - Drink ACTIValoe Aloe vera Juice daily- a cap full (30 ml.) morning empty stomach & 30 ml. evening before bed time.

We provide Aloevera Juice in different flavours