Wheat Grass Powder

ALOE NATURALS offers a highly nutritious, organically grown and processed fresh “Wheat Wonder” Wheat grass powder.

Wheat Wonder - Wheat Grass powder is organically cultivated & harvested in perfect harvesting season for maximum health benefits. All Its necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, dietary fibers etc. are retained for boosting immunity that will keep diseases at bay.

Wheat Wonder has been scientifically processed to ensure it quickly gets absorbed in the blood to enhance biological activities.

Wheat Wonder starts showing health benefits within few days of its supplementation. A 100gm of Wheat Wonder gives nourishment equivalent to approx. 23 kg of fresh vegetables.

​Wheat Grass Powder Brochure (English) ​Wheat Grass Powder Brochure (Hindi)

Heath benefits of Wheat Wonder :

  • Helps strengthen immune (body resistance) system.
  • Helps detoxify (purify) blood, helps resolve bad breath and sweat smell.
  • Helps balance blood pH towards normal being slightly alkaline.
  • Helps increase Hemoglobin (Red Blood Cells count/ RBC count).
  • Helps combat blood related disorders such as Thalassemia, Anemia, Leukemia, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity (Weight Loss) & helps improve digestion system such as Constipation, Acidity, Piles (Hemorrhoids), Ulcers etc.
  • Helps improve reproductive health of both men and women, increase vigor, vitality and helps conceive.
  • Helps overcome skin disorders, improves skin & muscle tone.
  • Paste of Wheatgrass Powder with milk applied like a face pack helps overcome skin problems such as Acne, Black/White Heads, freckles, tan, skin burn etc.
  • As dietary fiber it helps control blood sugar & cholesterol level.