Health benefits of Aloevera Juice

Health Benefits  
Boost Immune System Ingestion of ACTIValoe Aloe vera Gel Juice has demonstrated physiological benefits by increase in Vitamin “C” and “E” bio-availability by greater than two folds. Keeps diseases at bay.
Gastointestinal & Degistive Benefits Drink Aloe Juice to help relieve ulcerous, gastrointestinal and kidney problems. Help relieve increased stomach acid, peptic and duodenal ulcers, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). digestive benefits
Anti Diabetic & Functional Foods Studies have proved that regular consumption of ACTIValoe Aloe vera Gel Juice has helped in the treatment of diabetes by reducing fasting blood glucose levels & promoting healthy Blood Sugar levels. diabetic
Heart Health Plus ACTIValoe Aloe vera Gel Juice when taken daily, maintains healthy cardiovascular levels by normalizing Blood Triglyceride (Blood Fats) and total serum cholesterol. It increases HDL (good cholesterol) & decreases LDL cholesterol levels by 30%. Thereby help preventing angina attacks. heart health
Arthritis Due to anti-inflammatory properties, ACTIValoe Aloe vera Gel Juice reduces severe joint and muscle pains associated with arthritis as well as pains related to tendonitis and injuries. Daily Ingestion of ACTIValoe Juice may help prevent the onset of adjuvant arthritis.
Gout Problem Due to its anti-inflammatory and alkaline-forming food, it lowers and regulates the pH level of the body. It helps flourish good bacteria within the body thereby Uric levels are balanced out. gout problem